We encourage national and international volunteers to share their knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm and time with our community. We emphasize community because we include the students, the staff and everyone within the village.

This place is physically remote and all of the staff are highly motivated to do extra hours volunteering with in all aspects of the community. We understand that we are learners for life.

We continue to wish to learn and any volunteers are very welcome.

In particular at Melamchi-Ghyang school we would appreciate support from any English, German and French language specialists. We have a need for arts teaching.

Anyone is welcome to volunteer. If you choose to you will stay with a local family or at a local trekking lodge. All accommodation and 3 meals per day will cost you 600 Nrs/day. This supports the family and gives you an excellent introduction to the life style of the Hyolmo people and their language.

Some Volunteers who have given their time to this school:

  1. Ian Cummins,USA
  2. Linda and Steve Hale, UK
  3. Matt Daw, UK
  4. ClaireBennett,UK
  5. Mki (mkijak@yahoo.com), UK
  6. Nigel Wilson ,UK
  7. John Hoebink, Netherland( john.hoebink@chello.nl)
  8. Simon and Kati(katebroad@yahoo.co.uk)UK
  9. Rina, Germany
  10. James,Uk (jamesshakeshaft@hotmail.co.uk)
  11. Paul Steege and Tinna, USA
  12. Sophia Louisa UK(sofsolvds@hotmail.co.uk)
  13. Cliff USA(Cliff@yahoo.com)
  14. Jae Ellison(jaellison@ngu.edu)
  15. Lauren and Stephen( gilds282@hotmail.com)
  16. Roel, Belgium(deceusterroel@gmail.com)
  17. Mikkjal Hentze, Faroes Islands.
  18. Corin Hardcastle, UK. (corinhardcastle@aol.com)
  19. laurie@gmail.com
  20. Len@PangealityProduction.com
  21. ka.segers@gmail.com
  22. Puanani USA, puananif@aol.com
  23. rayms69@gmail.com
  24. marianne@rannepal.co.uk
  25. jamesshakeshaft@hotmail.uk
  26. maryann@littlefish.org
  27. Lois O’Leary, UK
  28. Viky Crouzat, France

Please contact them for impartial feedback. In addition a ‘Briefing paper’ on life and work in Melamchi-Ghyang will be available from info@canepal.com

Volunteers Make a Difference

Many volunteers has been here and contributed in a variety of different ways. Two years ago Barny Francis(UK) came with paints and painted energetically for one month. Four years ago Lauren and Stephen(Australia) came for a month and taught English. Generously they sponsored Kalsang for his post secondary education in Science at Kathmandu.

Construction of a School Buildings, Post Earthquake 2016

Nepal Earthquake on 25th April 2015 has destroyed all the School Buildings (Class Rooms, Boys & Girls Hostel, and Library) of Melamchi Ghyang School. So after the earthquake the School Building was temporarily build with the left over plank woods and tin roofs from the previous school building (i.e. TLC).

So, at the moment school children’s use the class rooms made by the temporary building and the hostel children’s are using the tents and tarpaulin donated by different organization.

After the earthquake, the school building was purposed to be built by different organisation. Community Action Nepal (CAN) UK, will built the Boys and Girls Hostel of 120 boys and 80 girls of total 200 students approximately. School class rooms will be built by the Caritas Swiss.

We thank and welcome all the organisation that has help our School with any sources that they can provide us.  

Current Volunteer

Corin Hardcastle (UK) is with us for 6 months, he has been teaching IT in England for 30 years. He is installing the infra structure and training staff and students on the use of computers. There is only 3 laptops (Dec 2012), one printer and no network. We hope this will supply a solid start for the development of IT within the school.

Volunteers @ Melamchi Ghyang Secondary School

Teacher Lois O'Leary survived the devastating Nepal earthquake while volunteering in Melamchi Ghyang village

15 May 2015 : by Aidan Barlow

A young woman has told how a house collapsed around her during the powerful earthquake which claimed thousands of lives in Nepal.

Lois O’Leary, 25, was teaching English for six weeks in the village of Melamchi Ghyang and was staying with the head teacher’s family when the tremors started on Saturday, April 25.

The former Simon Langton Girls’ Grammar School pupil, from Herne, was injured when the home she was staying in fell to the ground.

Damage to the village's school library. Image from Corin Hardcastle

She had to clamber to safety through the ruins, then had to survive for seven days under a makeshift shelter before she could return home.

She said: “Initially when I felt the quakes I thought it will just pass and that it was not significant, but I was with the head teacher’s wife Jangmu, and the look on her face showed she was scared.

Charity worker speaks of harrowing experiences during Nepal earthquake

By The Sentinel  |  Posted: May 11, 2015

Corin hardcastle was teaching at a school in nepal when the earthquake hit

Corin Hardcastle was teaching at a school in Nepal when the earthquake hit

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A CHARITY worker has spoken of the harrowing moment when a school roof collapsed behind him during the Nepal earthquake.

Corin Hardcastle, of James Street, Stoke, retired from teaching IT five years ago.

The 67-year-old now has his own charity which helps students and teachers across schools in the Yolmo Valley use computers.

But Corin’s third visit to Nepal, and the village of Melamchi Ghyang, in three years was marred by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25 - the death toll from which stands at more than 8,000.