Sustainability Option

A 20 year’s vision:

If the School were to receive £4,000 per year from Sponsors for 20 years. That lump sum of £80,000 would, at current interest rates of 12.5% protected for 5 years, generate an income of 1,346,000 NRs. per year. This would pay 5 teachers’ salaries at current rates.

Current Private Sponsors in Shree Melamchi Ghyang Secondary School:-

1) Eveline Mueller, Germany

In 1998, while on the Helambu-Langtang Trekking Trail with a group of Germany ladies, Eveline Mueller stopped on the steps in front of the monastery yard and glanced up at the window where children were singing and dancing. The ladies showed their support by clapping their hands. From that year onwards Eveline Mueller and her friends had been contributed two teachers’ salary and school uniforms for 50 children. They have had put a strong foundation stone for the school, and the work continues. Thanks to Eveline Mueller and her dedicated and hard working friends.

2) CAN (Community Action Nepal) UK


We have received regular support for the construction school buildings, dormitories and 2 teachers’ salary from 2002 to April 15 2012. With this ongoing support the school has been placed first in the SLC results table for this district.  Convenient class rooms and cozy hostel buildings attract children from different parts of Nepal, some travelling for three days to receive an education with us.  Some of the children of this community are getting the opportunity to stay in a school hostel instead of dropping out the school; when their parents to go in India for work.

The credit for this whole development must go to Sir Doug Scott, founder and operation director of CAN UK. The school would not be the continuing success it is without the magnificent support of CAN. The whole Melamchi-Ghyang’s school family is always grateful to CAN and Doug Scott.

3) Project Nepal (West Yorkshire Scouts, UK)

Thanks to the Scout team who worked very hard and built for us very cozy rooms, these are much appreciated by our hostel children. The children from remote villages and from different parts of Nepal now have an opportunity to share in our success as we can accommodate them. This building work has been a magnificent support to the School.

We are looking forward to continuing the good friendship between us and appreciate their kind support.

4) KetaKeti, Belgium


On the trekking holiday in 2001, Hilde Kuypers and Luc Van met the Head teacher PurnaGautam at Melamchi-Ghyang village. They discussed management issues, this included the teachers’ salaries. Immediately Hilde Kuypers made the decision to provide the salary for 4 teachers. In 2002 she decided to supply the salaries for an additional 8 teachers. This has continued unbroken to the present time.

KetaKeti is a registered charity whose only purpose is to support our school and community.

The school and community are immensely thankful for this on-going support. In addition this group also provide teacher support to PemaChholing lower secondary School at Nakote village and also at Devi Golma Secondary school.

Thanks to the every body who has made possible such contributions to our Schools.

5) The Nepalese Children's Trust, registered UK charity no. 1119767

Kanchha Babu Sherpa studied medicine at Manchester University (UK). This was made possible with the support of The Nepalese Children's Trust. We are honored by the faith placed in a child from this village. We are all very proud of what we have achieved with the support from NCT.

We cannot continue without showing our appreciation to Pam, Gwenda, Cath and Sandra. They have donated many books to the library. Thanks to every body, who has given their precious time.

6) Yolmo Connect (UK)

Yolmo Connect focus on the use of computers with in the Hyolmo valley, Corin Hardcastle has spent 14 months over the last 3 years supplying laptops, training teachers and developing computer systems for the schools to use.

He has focused on Melamchi Ghyang school, so that it becomes a center of computer skills for the region. He returned in early March 2016 and ran Computer training for 28 teachers from theSindhupalchok District.

Since the earthquake our sponsors have been working very hard and raising large sums of money. Support has come from Belgium, UK, Wales, Spain, Germany and Gibraltar; many people have been very generous.
We can only ‘Thank you’ from the bottom of our hearts.
We can only ask that your support continues, Nepal will rise but we need your help over the coming years.

Elements of sustainability

  1. Quality education with civic behaviour.
  2. Excellent academic resultsfrom the beginning.
  3. Homely family environmental hostel.
  4. Positive support for parental involvement.
  5. Motto of universal citizen.
  6. Vegetable farming and training on OBTE.
  7. Proper management and development of tourism and develop the society as holy-place (pilgrim).
  8. Development of lodges on school sitewith local materials.
  9. Construction of high quality hostels and class room buildings.
  10. Proper use and development of local handmade product (handicraft).
  11. All buildings meet government building regulations on earthquake protection.