Sanitation is also a part ofeducation. Sanitation creates a hygienic society. It is a symbol of a healthy civilization. A healthy society without a deep understanding of sanitation is impossible. So we have built sanitation into the core of our curriculum.

  • Every Sunday and Wednesday we have a quick check of student cleanliness.
  • Within Environmental Studies we regularly tour the village, inspecting the waste disposal methods used. We have been known to comment, even to the extent of digging a dump-pit or carrying stone to build a toilet.
  • We have written a course that addresses the issues of health, population and environmental science from grade 1 to 10.
  • Within the school calendar we have an afternoon every 2 weeks when students and teachers walk around the village, collecting litter.
  • We are encouraging villagers and tourists not to throw away non bio-degradable material.
  • We always remind students not to throw the garbage anywhere.
  • We are trying to promote recycling and re-use of the papers, plastics and polythene.
  • We are raising the villagers’ awareness of the positive and negative aspects of having or not having a toilet.
  • We encourage every villager to have at least one toilet and dump–pit at their house and increasingly the village supports our position.
  • The mother's group are actively involved in this programme. And provide health education to the villagers by the staff of health post.
  • Hand made bamboo basket are placed in different publicplaceslikemonastery, bus park, health post by SMGSS family to collect the trash.
  • Our village lies within the Langtang National Park and this raises the issue of deforestation. All the homes have wood burning stoves. We use banners and discussion groups to raise the villagers’ awareness of deforestation. Our school community is trying to contribute to the planet’s need for sustainability.

We four teachers (Mr. Chandra Upreti, Mr.Umeshkoirala,Miss PabitraTimilsina, Mrs.Saraswati Acharya and Mrs. PasangYangjen) are leading within this aspect of school life.