Our Needs

Melamchi-Ghyang Secondary school is an outstanding school, within this District. It has achieved the top results for the SLC for 8 consecutive years. This is due to the commitment of all the staff and the teachers’ dedication to the students. We acknowledge the considerable and on-going contribution of both the SMC and parents, which has been magnificent.

Our school was demolished on 25th April 2015, we opened in a TLC before the 1st June 2015. Although the buildings are gone the knowledge and wisdom we have taught over the last 30 years endures.

Now we face a new challenge, with your help we will overcome the difficulties.

Our work would be made even more effective if we could address the following issues.

  1. We ask for the funding of 3 teachers to complete a Post Secondary Masters degree @ 35,000 Nrs/month.
  2. We ask for a salary to support a Music Teacher @ 25,000 Nrs/month.
  3. We ask for the salary to support a Tibetan language teacher @ 20,000 Nrs/month
  4. We ask for laptops and teachers who will spend some time at Melamchi-Ghyang further developing both staff and student skills.
  5. We understand that teaching is a developing profession and any training materials or expertise would be much appreciated by both staff and students.
  6. We need furniture for both classrooms and hostels, the skill to build such items would be a great benefit to the school. Please consider volunteering.
  7. We lack much of the audiovisual equipment that is taken for granted in the West. If you can help, please, contact the school.
  8. Many aspects of school life would benefit from a fast and reliable internet connection. Suggestions, funding and expertise are all welcome.
  9. Schools consume stationery. Any offers of help with this would be wonderful.
  10. Maintenance within this growing school is an ongoing issue. Either funding so we can do this work or a volunteer, with the required skill set, would be much appreciated. We have a teaching staff of 16.

Vocational Training

We all know that some students do not take to academic study. The Nepali education system is beginning to cope with this omission.
Before the earthquake, we had built a vocational center in the school for students in grade 8 and above who were failing to achieve the higher exam p asses.
Ironically this was the only building to survive undamaged. It is now a storeroom.
We are planning to deliver courses on electrical work, carpentry and plumbing. There are traditional skills in the village which we would wish to pass on to our students; basket weaving, wood carving and rope making are examples of these.

  • Any support for the construction of a new Vocational center, the donation of tools and their delivery, and the funding for vocational teachers; all these would help our students towards an independent and positive future.


Nine teachers are paid by the Nepali Government. Four teachers are fully funded and eight teachers are part funded by the KetaKeti (Belgium). The salary for one Lama, a Tibetan language teacher, is supplied by the Buddhist Federation Nepal. It will be phased out from April 2013.

We would like to open a Higher Secondary Branch school within the district. This would deliver Business and Science at a +2 level and offer hostel accommodation.
This would be a significant advance for the district and the school.

  • This would be a new build and require significant support.
  • We need to build and equip Science laboratories to deliver Science courses in Grades 11 and 12.
  • We need to build and equip an infrastructure that would deliver a very high quality education.

While this is expensive by any standards, however it would raise the prospects for our children. This has always been a key goal for school.

A couple of important notes:

  • Exchange rates are 160 Nrs to £1 sterling or approximately 108 Nrs to 1 Euro. Now the salaries can be seen at their true value.

It is very difficult to send goods through Customs into Nepal, they need to be brought in by individuals, within their luggage.

Please contact the school for any further information, contact details on the Home page.