Management Style

Our aim is to consultative, so that staff are involved in making decisions. Every Sunday after school there is a Staff meeting at which staff raise any issues and through discussion find a solution.

This extra staff involvement benefits the management, the staff and our students. We all feel more comfortable with decisions, which have to be made.

Teacher and staff

Left to right Behind standing line- Karma Sherpa, Kinjo Tashi Sherpa, Renjen Dorje Sherpa, Bijan Dhakal,Lhakpa Tsering Sherpa, Purna Bdr Gautam, Indra Dev Yadav, Padam Aryal, Rajan Niroula, Partap Lama, Pravakar Acharya.

Front sitting line left to right

- Harihar Dahal, Tika Limbu, Pasang Shyangba, Chandra Prasad Uprety, Mrs Santa Uprety,  Mrs Kamala Aryal and Tashi Sherpa.