Management Committee

Every three years, there is a general assembly of the Parents and they select the chair-person and other members of the SMC board.

Every two months the Head Master calls a SMC Meeting at the school premises. There is an agenda which has been developed since the last Board meeting. This agenda and the minutes are distributed to the Board before the meeting.

At the meeting these documents are discussed and an agreed way forward is developed. Thus the Board directs the school Administration. The School Administrator (Head master) implements these decisions which cover all of the development areas within the school.

SMC has got the authority to recruit teachers since local government took the opportunity to recruit and resign approval. The right to monitor and to suggest developments in the practice of the teachers, headmaster and the school. The SMC is responsible for the creation and monitoring of progress within the School Improvement Plan.





Pasang Temba Lama


Kami Lama

Founder Member

Partap Lama


Dawa zangbu Sherpa


Pema Bhuti Sherpa

Lady Member

Chhiring Dola Sherpa

Lady member

Kamini Sherpa

Lady Member

Purna BDR Gautam

Secretary & founder Principal

Tenzen Lama


Tika Ram Limbu

Teacher Member

 Mingmar Lama