Construction and Growing infrastructure of school

Dreaming hopes and expectation are still alive and Fresh of this school, in

course of time, one after another destruction and pandemic are complicated

lifespan development as well as progress in every field. Though, we didn’t hands

down, we raise our hands for constructions apart from fear and difficulties, this

school has newly constructed and added 6- buildings, out of 6- buildings, one for

School office, another for science lab and remaining 3- buildings are for boys’

hostel and one for girls hostel. Not only for that, we had worked out for

management and arrangement of hostel like book case in different rooms. We

order to carpenter and construct 60 beds for different rooms. In this way , The

days of school has been running by doing different works on the pandemic years

in lockdown. This all works ,we did it with the help of our positive supporters and inspirations

from different donors’ sources for school.

So our sincere gratitude goes to them for ever and ever and we are always thankful

for donor and supporters.