Construction of a School Buildings, Post Earthquake 2016

Nepal Earthquake on 25th April 2015 has destroyed all the School Buildings (Class Rooms, Boys & Girls Hostel, and Library) of Melamchi Ghyang School. So after the earthquake the School Building was temporarily build with the left over plank woods and tin roofs from the previous school building (i.e. TLC).

So, at the moment school children’s use the class rooms made by the temporary building and the hostel children’s are using the tents and tarpaulin donated by different organization.

After the earthquake, the school building was purposed to be built by different organisation. Community Action Nepal (CAN) UK, will built the Boys and Girls Hostel of 120 boys and 80 girls of total 200 students approximately. School class rooms will be built by the Caritas Swiss.

We thank and welcome all the organisation that has help our School with any sources that they can provide us.