Behavior Management

Good manners and correct behavior are an indispensable part of school life.

SMGS students are required to comply with the code of conduct prescribed by SMGS. This code applies both within and outside the SMGS premises. Irresponsible and impolite behavior will be considered as an act of indiscipline.

Behavior which is not acceptable for boys

Long hair and nails, electronic goods, beards, fancy watches and clothes, belts, earring and beads.

Behavior which is not acceptable for girls-

Long nails, dying of hair, heavy cosmetics, expensive ornaments,  jewelry and other fancy expensive items.

General guideline for behavior:

  1. Electronic gadgets like music sets, video games, mobile phone sets shall be not allowed within the premises of the school. Such itemsshall beconfiscated.
  2. Normally, students are given a verbal suggestion for any minor misconduct. When the offence reoccurs their parents/guardian will be informed.
  3. If more serious issues arise; such as the use and peddling of dangerous drugs, alcohol, possession of pornography, stealing,damaging school property, vandalism, any criminal activity, inordinate attachment to the opposite sex, smoking and/or chewing tobacco and any other act that may result in the damage and harm to the good reputation of the school.
  4. The administration and DI reserve the right to expel the defaulter without explanation or without notice.
  5. Above 90% of attendance is necessary for the movement up to the next year. In the case of serious illness parents/guardians should inform the class teacher, medical records from the hospital must accompany the letter. The student, who is absent without informing his/her class teacher, will be expected to pay an absence fee of Rs 50 per day.
  6. In the front of the school there is a large board, which displays these rules.