Message from Teachers

The Melamchighyang School, unique in our nation, is a sacred workplace for all of us. It is the place where we work together, with a team spirit, for the betterment of the children and community alike. We all work wholeheartedly and with full devotion and commitment to shape the futures of the children by giving personal care.

We, the teachers, from the different nooks and corners of the nation, believe in toils rather than words. We do not let our individual differences and hardships bother us. Instead, we overcome those interpersonal conflicts and use our varied assets to achieve organizational goals and better performance. We feel proud to be associated with such an example of academic excellence, and to be part of the vision of Mr. Purna Gautam.

The development and growth of the school, and the conducive learning environment, is the outcome of three parties: teachers, guardians and students. Here is an exemplary blend of three groups striving toward a single common goal.

We express our sincere gratitude for all those who have helped in different ways at different times.

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