There is a beautiful library room in Melamchi Ghyang S. School where there are about 2000 books. We have books from all streams including arts and literature, in

Nepali and English languages, i.e., stories,essays, dramas, poems, biographies,science and technologies etc. which any interested students and teachers can take as supplementary material for the teaching-learning process.

We, teachers, are given extra responsibility based on our experiences and passion every academic year. Among them, one teacher has been given the responsibility to look over the library. Books are exchanged fluently with the male and female students on alternate days after school hours. Interested student can take one book a week to study. We have been trying to convey the message - ‘‘Book reading is more precious than the treasury’’ to our students since the beginning.

We have some children’s books for the primary level students too. We choose specific books based on their class levels and put them in the designated book corners in each classroom. These books, not only support their curriculum but also encourage the reading habit in them. Those younger students have become happier and grown interested in studying. We need more books, more than ever for all senior and junior students. If you are interested in helping and supporting our library, we always welcome you.

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