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Melamchi-Ghyang Secondary School is a public school located in the foothill of Langtang National Park, Nepal. It lies in Helambu VDC of Sindhupalchok district. Most of the people of this region are from the Hyolmo community. They are the Himalayan indigenous people of Nepal. The Hyolmo have poor living conditions; both remote and difficult to access, with little in the way of formal education system. To address this issue Melamchi Ghyang School was established in 1985. The school now has 250 students, 150 live in hostels attached to the school. Our catchment area is both broad and diverse. Some students come from Kathmandu for the education, which we offer. We employ 16 teachers; our classes range from Reception through to Year 11. Our students sit the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) at the end of Year 10.

We regularly test our students and enable them to reflect and affect their own progress. Our results place us top within the District for the previous 6 years.

School Name : Shree Melamchi Ghyang Secondary School
School Type : Government Community School
School Establishment (Temporary) : 2041/12/09 B.S.  (March 23rd 1985 A.D.)
School Establishment (Permanent) : 2045/05/05 B.S. (August 19th 1989 A.D.)
Start to English Medium : 2052 B.S. (1995 A.D.)
Upgrade to Lower Secondary : 2056 B.S.
Upgrade to Secondary : 2062 B.S.
Proposed Upgrade to Higher Secondary : 2069 B.S.
Location : Melamchi Ghyang, Helambu VDC -6, Sindhupalchowk
Altitude : 2630 m. (Melamchi Ghyang)
Attached by : Langtang National Park
Local Community : Hyolmo Tribe (Indigenous and Ethnical Group)
Profession of Local People : Agriculture (Potato and Wheat), Livestock Farming (Sheep & Yak in Forest), Foreign Employment (Labor work in India and Kathmandu), Tourism Business (5 Lodges and Tea House in Village)
Income of Local People : Below Poverty Level (Many)
Transportation : Just linked by off road
Health : One health post near the school (Supported by CAN Nepal)
Electricity : Available during monsoon season
After SLC : To Higher Secondary School 10 hrs far from the village (To Kathmandu), every student has passed after this school but few drops the higher education because of financial problem.

School Post earthquake

The earthquake of 25th April 2015 devastated the school and the village. There were no habitable buildings in the village. The students were cared for by five teachers who spent five days ensuring that they were fed, washed and had a place to sleep. Then they escorted them home.

Within a month the school was reopened in very temporary shelters. Within 4 months the villagers had rebuilt a much stronger Temporary Learning Centre (TLC) and sufficient hostel space for 140 students.

The issue of good quality food has been addressed for 6 months by Keta Keti (Belgium) who are supplying fresh fruit and vegetables to the school for the students and staff.

Now the school has 220 students in Grades 1-10 of whom 140 are in the hostel.

There is electricity and the internet and classes continue. The classrooms are light and airy but with very little insulation against the coming winter cold.

The Future
There are at least four European charities supporting the rebuilding of the school. Designs have been agreed with the DoE. ???? have agreed to manage the rebuild.

It will start as soon as possible, there is no vehicle access at present and that will be needed for the delivery of steel rods and cement. We hope the road will be usable by early in 2016.

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