Extra and Co-curricular Activities

The school is divided into four houses- Red, Blue, Yellow and Green and each student is placed in one of these houses.

Students are encouraged to participate in inter-house competitions. These include:

Essay Writing

Poetry writing

Spelling contest

Public speaking





Quiz competition


Table tennis


Relay race

Chess competition

This is a continuously developing list.

The aim of these activities is to provide a more complete education for the student. Winners are awarded a wide range of prizes. They also get the certificates of participation/appreciation.

Due to remoteness of the school, it is not possible to organize inter school competitions.

The different houses perform singing, dance and drama shows. These are performed at all major school functions. Frequently these performances are first shown during the school morning assembly.

Written work is compulsory for the small children in classes Nursery, KG and 1-5 classes. Drawing and painting are given special emphasis and this forms a significant part of the school curriculum.Children are also encouraged to make models and charts for display in the classrooms and the exhibition/notice board.

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