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Melamchi-Ghyang Secondary School is a public school located in the foothill of Langtang National Park, Nepal. It lies in Helambu VDC of Sindhupalchok district. Most of the people of this region are from the Hyolmo community. They are the Himalayan indigenous people of Nepal. The Hyolmo have poor living conditions; both remote and difficult to access, with little in the way of formal education system. To address this issue Melamchi Ghyang School was established in 1985. The school now has 250 students, 150 live in hostels attached to the school. Our catchment area is both broad and diverse. Some students come from Kathmandu for the education, which we offer. We employ 16 teachers; our classes range from Reception through to Year 11. Our students sit the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) at the end of Year 10.


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Message From the Principal

Purna Bahadur Gautam

After the national lockdown from Chaitra 2076 when the world was in the grip of an epidemic, our school started teaching class 9 and 10 students using the zoom app from Chaitra 1, 2076, making decisions on how to effectively continue learning activities for children. This was our first experience of online learning.

Gradually, classes were conducted in other classes as well. It was very effective. All our students came to class. In some places where the internet is not good, we advised the parents to go and take a class where the internet is good. That's what they did. Since the sun does not see the screen well, we suggested to build a small house of grass. Everyone happily

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Academic Programs

Appreciation program 2078

As pere rules and regulation of SMGSS to maintain the proper academic and physical an environment in school premises we have given responsiblities of house teacher ,house leader ,school captain and vice captain of academic  year 2078.